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AmeriTech Home Inspections was established in 2001, and we have over 21 years of offering exceptional home inspection to residential and commercial customers in and around the Salt Lake City, UT area! Call for a free estimate and get the perfect report for the condition and quality of your entire property!

We Inspect With Quality

We have special equipment that helps immensely with our work, and we’d like to show you how they work. We’re also certified and insured and offer free estimates once you tell us when you expect from us. A good home inspector will provide the perfect services, works diligently and professionally, and offers exceptional advice. That’s the kind of expert you can expect to work with when you dial the number of our company. You’ll have everything you need!

Home Inspector

We Value Exceptional Conditions

The perfect home inspection is something everyone wants but doesn’t always know who to get it from. We’re here to offer our skills and experience. A property needs inspecting for good and bad components, so we can’t be less than thorough! So our training and education have to be up to the current standards so we can exceed expectations and show people the respect they deserve. That’s what it’s about in this industry – the trust we get and the values we display!

Call AmeriTech Home Inspections at (801) 697-5930 and ask for a qualified home inspector! If you have certain doubts about the condition and quality of your property in the Salt Lake City, UT area and want someone with the correct qualifications to check everything out and offer a perfect report and a clean bill of health, as it were – contact us immediately. We work in this industry because we believe it’s essential for people to know where their property stands in terms of perfection and health – we’re here, ready for the inspection!

Services List

  • Home Inspections
  • Inspection for Buyers
  • Inspection for Sellers
  • Inspection for Builders
  • Mold Inspection
  • Radon Inspection
  • Weather-Related Inspection