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With AmeriTech Home Inspections, you can expect work and a report from a qualified commercial and home inspector! We’ve honed plenty of knowledge over the years and know all the specifications. We can make sure any property in the Salt Lake City, UT area is up-to-date and in perfect structural condition!

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Home Inspections

Home Inspections

We do home and commercial property inspections because we’re up to date with the latest regulations and know what to look for. We understand the condition that makes a property habitable or ready for sale – so you can trust our knowledge and experience. Allow us to make sure your property is perfect in every way!
Inspection for Buyers and Sellers

Inspection for Buyers and Sellers

Getting a property ready to sell or buy is a long-drawn process, and it’s not enough to brush off the dust, clean away the dirt and arrange the furniture perfectly. There’s something else that needs to happen. You need to call our residential or commercial building inspection service. We need to inspect everything and make sure it’s up to par!
Inspection for Builders

Inspection for Builders

Builders need the property inspected before they even begin. They need to know the condition of the land and everything else afterward. It’s essential because if something is wrong initially – the entire construction could be put on hold for a long time. No one wants that, allow us to come and check out the land and beginning stages of the property!
Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

Everyone knows how much damage mold can cause to the property and the people inside. And bothersome to deal with, especially without too much experience in dealing with it. Instead of even trying, you can call us and tell us you suspect mold or want us to check for it, even without any suspicion. Let us know when you need us!
Radon Inspection

Radon Inspection

Radon is among the radioactive, tasteless, odorless, and colorless noble gases and is dangerous for everyone. If it exists in the soil around your property, it could cause cancer and other illnesses. You can’t keep residing there if the property has even the slightest indication of the dangerous gas. Request our radon home inspection right away!
Weather-Related Inspection

Weather-Related Inspection

The weather is wild and unpredictable. That means it could cause plenty of damage to a property, especially if it gets out of hand. If you think your property has incurred damage after a big storm or heavy rain – you can always turn to us. We have the means and education to inspect every inch of your property and discover if anything is wrong.
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Get the Quality Inspection You Need

You will need the right qualifications to inspect if you’re preparing a property for sale or want to check whether it’s in pristine condition before buying. But most people aren’t educated or specialized in the industry – you need a reliable home inspection or a look-through for your commercial property!

Our Specifications Will Be More Than Enough

For an in-depth report, you need to know the specifications. We offer to assist people in making their properties appropriate, whether for living, working in them, or selling and buying. A property is more than just its furniture, the color of the walls, and other amenities. We need to make sure it’s in perfect condition!

More Areas We Serve

Properties come onto the market every day, everywhere, and people want to work and live in healthy conditions, so why not help with that part? We certainly have the training and the proper qualifications, so it would be a shame to keep everything we know to ourselves – it would make a lot more sense to expand and assist as many people as possible, and that’s what we have done!

– Emigration Canyon, UT
– Highland, UT
– Centerville, UT
– Bluffdale, UT
– Woods Cross, UT

Call AmeriTech Home Inspections and request our specialized commercial property and home inspection services! If you live in and around the Salt Lake City, UT area and want an inspection on your property, whether you’re living or working in it, getting it ready to sell, or are the prospective buyer – just let us know! We’ll prepare the proper equipment and documents for the inspection and provide a report to help you in any endeavor you’ve chosen!

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by Leena Marsh on AmeriTech Home Inspections
Quality Radon Home Inspection!

Radon is so dangerous - I had heard horror stories of the damage the chemical can cause, so I wanted to make sure there wasn't any around my home. However, it's something only qualified experts can do, so I hired these guys for their radon home inspection. They did not let me down. They were thorough and impeccable!

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